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Top 5 Golf Balls for Beginners

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There is an overwhelming range of golf balls on the market today. This guide was created to help you choose the right type of ball at this stage of your game.

We considered the following 3 factors as part of our recommendations:

  • A low compression ball that is softer which allows players with a slower swing speed (which beginners generally have) to generate more distance.
  • A reduced spin ball resulting in straighter shots.
  • An affordable price as you might lose quite a few balls when starting out.

We acknowledge that not all beginner’s needs are the same and all golfers are different, so a ball that is perfect for one might not be the best for another. This is why it is important to try different types of balls and brands to see how they work for you.





Callaway Supersoft

Great for distance, accuracy and control around the greens. A nice all rounder.

Titleist Velocity 

Designed to maximize distance for golfers with slower swing speeds. It also has good control around the green.

Bridgestone e6

Great for distance and for golfers struggling with their accuracy.

Pinnacle Soft
Budget Buy

A budget buy which is good for distance and a reduced spin for accuracy.

Volvik Vimax Soft

A budget buy which is great for distance. 4 different colours for excellent visibility.

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