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How to Pick the Right Golf Glove for You


Benefits of Wearing a Golf Glove

Wearing a golf glove has several benefits:

  1. Improved grip: Golf gloves are designed to provide a better grip on the club, especially in humid or sweaty conditions. This can help to prevent the club from slipping.
  2. Protection: Golf gloves can help to protect your hands from blisters, calluses, and other injuries that can be caused by gripping the club tightly or repeatedly swinging the club.
  3. Comfort: Many golf gloves are designed to be soft and comfortable, providing a better feel and reducing the risk of hand fatigue during play.

Overall, wearing a golf glove can be a simple but effective way to improve your game and protect your hands.

Four things to consider when choosing a golf glove

1. Playing Conditions

Do you typically play in warm, cold or wet weather? Maybe its all conditions. In colder weather, a thicker glove may be more appropriate, while in warmer weather, a thinner glove can provide better breathability and comfort. There is a glove to suit most conditions.

2. Fit

Golf gloves should fit like a second skin. It should be nice and tight across the palm of your hand and through the fingers. There should be no extra material at the tips of your fingers and you don’t want your hand moving around.

3. Material
  • Leather: Leather is a popular material for golf gloves because it provides a soft and comfortable feel, as well as good grip on the club. Cabretta leather is a particularly high quality type of leather that is commonly used in golf gloves. Softer and higher quality gloves made using cabretta leather usually provide better tackiness and grips but can be more expensive.
  • Synthetic: Gloves made of synthetic materials offers better flexibility and may be more durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Hybrid: A combination of leather and synthetic materials. This combination integrates both comfort and durability.  You may want to consider hybrid gloves because they offer a great feel while maintaining durability.
4. Price

As with anything, there are affordable ones and pricy ones. Generally you get what you pay for, but there are some good gloves that are affordable and reliable.

What to Look for When Buying Golf Gloves

  • Gloves usually come in a pack of 1, make sure read the package carefully, so you know what you are getting. There are some that sell 2 gloves in one pack.
  • Hand Orientation means the hand the glove is to be worn on. For example, Hand Orientation – Left, means you wear the glove on your left hand and you are a right handed golfer. You might also see just the words Left or Right, also meaning the hand the glove is to be worn on, eg. Left = worn on left hand. The labelling can sometimes be confusing.
  • Size – Make sure you check the size in the description so you know what you are purchasing. Note: You may see the size Cadet. A cadet golf glove has slightly shorter finger lengths and a wider palm. See our guide What is a Cadet Golf Glove for more information.
  • Ball Marker – Some gloves come with a button or magnetic ball marker which can be quite handy. Note: a magnetic ball marker may not be as secure as a button one.

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Golf Gloves FAQs

How many gloves do golfer’s wear
Traditionally golfers wear one glove, however, you can most certainly wear two. As a beginner you might want to consider wearing a glove on both hands to avoid blisters. You can always go down to just one later.

Which hand should I wear the glove?
If you are only wearing one glove, you would wear the glove on your non-dominant hand. For example, if you are a right handed golfer, you would wear the glove on your left hand. If you are a left handed golfer, wear it on your right hand.

Make sure you check the label when you are buying gloves so that you are getting the correct one for the hand you want it for. If you are right handed, you would buy a glove labelled ‘Left’ for your left hand.

How do you care for a golf glove?

    • If you sweat a lot, take an extra glove and rotate them as necessary throughout the game. This will allow the unused glove time to dry.

    • After the game, take them out of your bag and let them air out. If they are sweaty or you’ve played in the rain, make sure they dry out.

    • When not in use, lay it out flat, don’t leave them scrunched up in your bag.

Can I wash my gloves?

Note: most leather gloves are not washable, make sure you check the label before washing. That said, you can clean your glove using a soft, damp cloth. Do not overly wet the glove and don’t rub excessively.

You can use a little soap if it needs a thorough clean, but make sure you rinse well.

After washing, lay it out flat to dry, out of direct sunlight. Put the glove on soon after it dries to stretch it back into shape.

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